Free LSAT Logic Games PDF Download

If you’re reading this, you’re probably studying for the LSAT. I know this process isn’t easy, and it can be incredibly frustrating at times. However, each year, many people overcome the hurdles and get into the law schools of their dreams. You ask yourself, how’d they do it? When I first started LSAT Unplugged, there […]

Free LSAT Logic Games | Linear | Easy Version

Here’s the “easier version” of this Logic Game. For those of you interested in comparing the hard and easy versions, I’ve listed each variable and its counterpart at the end of this blog post.   Easy version Jandra is a travel guide writer who will visit 7 countries: Australia, Bahrain, China, Djibouti, England, Fiji, and […]

How to Ace LSAT Logic Games | 7 Habits

Want to ace the LSAT Logic Games? You’ll need these skills to separate yourself from the pack. This is the 1st part of a 3-part series (read Logical Reasoning and Reading Comprehension articles) 1. See letters as variables, not people/things. Avoid thinking of the game’s “topic” and focus on relationships between letters instead. 2. Easily categorize. Quickly place logic […]

5 Ways to Solve Logic Games in Under 7 Minutes

These tips and tricks will show you how to beat each Logic Game in less than seven minutes. Think it can’t be done? Think again! 1. Create a diagram. LSAT course instructors sometimes tell you to create a grid for every game instead of using a basic slot diagram. A slot diagram is an easy […]

LSAT Logic Game Explanation | Grouping: Splitting

Here’s a complete explanation of the setup for the free LSAT Logic Game | Grouping: Splitting. Take a look at the below explanation after trying that game. Our variables are the 7 seagulls (ABCDEFG) grouped into two categories (male and female): Male: ABCD Female: EFG The 7 seagulls are assigned to exactly one of two categories […]

Free LSAT Logic Game | Grouping: Matching

Disclaimer: This Logic Game is in no way meant to imply that all Indian students taking the LSAT are Hindu, nor is it meant to imply that Hindu students would ever pray to deities for LSAT assistance (or that they’re the only students who’d pray to Hindu deities for assistance). I’ve simply given the game this topic […]

Free LSAT Logic Games | Linear | Difficult Version

LSAC could drive us crazy with a Logic Game based entirely on gods and goddesses whose names begin with the letter “A”. To be fair, LSAC has never done this before. In fact, you’ll generally find that the variables in most Logic Games don’t share the same first letter, allowing you to easily represent “apple” […]

Logic Games Pure Sequencing Diagram | Explanation

I’ve received several requests for a diagram of my Relative Ordering (Pure Sequencing) LSAT Logic Game, so here goes. This article includes my version of the main diagram for this Logic Game. It also includes modified versions of the diagram for questions 4 and 5, which introduce new limitations to the main diagram. ***Also see […]