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Logic Games Pure Sequencing Diagram | Explanation

I’ve received several requests for a diagram of my Relative Ordering (Pure Sequencing) LSAT Logic Game, so here goes.

This article includes my version of the main diagram for this Logic Game. It also includes modified versions of the diagram for questions 4 and 5, which introduce new limitations to the main diagram.

Also see my explanation of this game’s set-up in Logic Games Relative Ordering (Pure Sequencing) Step-by-Step Diagram.

I don’t normally write “earlier” and “later” on the diagram because linear/sequencing games usually involve putting things in order from earlier -> later.

For this reason, left -> right usually means earlier -> later, and it’s come to feel natural. However, some of you are still learning, so I included it in the below diagrams.

Here’s the main diagram (click to enlarge):

Here’s the diagram for Question 4 (click to enlarge):

Here’s the diagram for Question 5 (click to enlarge):