Logic Game Grouping: Matching Templates Diagram | Explanation

As promised, I’m doing a blog post to demonstrate the templates (multiple main diagrams) for last week’s Grouping: Matching Templates Logic Game, so here goes. So, in the game, we have 7 projects. 2 in April, 3 in May, and 2 in June, giving us this layout of slots for each month: Depending on whether you […]

Free LSAT Logic Game | Grouping: Matching | Templates

In another Grouping: Matching Logic Game I’d written – that one was a difficult type of Matching game because the number of “prayer-answerings” per deity was not fully determined. In other Grouping: Matching games (such as the one I’ve written below), the number of slots is fully determined for you. In these types of games, […]

Grouping: Selection Defined Logic Game Diagram | Explanation

In this post I am going to explain my approach to solving the Free LSAT Logic Game | Grouping: Selection (Defined). Again, here are the categories and topics: P – ABER – HLOW – STY I’d put a “1-” next to each category because of the rule that we have to have at least one […]

Free LSAT Logic Game | Grouping: Selection (Defined)

My other Grouping: Selection / In-Out Logic Game is “Undefined,” meaning that we didn’t know how many variables were in (voted for) and how many were out (voted against). The game I’ve written for this article, on the other hand, is “Defined,” which means that we know exactly how many variables are selected and how […]

LSAT Logic Game Explanation | Grouping: Splitting

Here’s a complete explanation of the setup for the free LSAT Logic Game | Grouping: Splitting. Take a look at the below explanation after trying that game. Our variables are the 7 seagulls (ABCDEFG) grouped into two categories (male and female): Male: ABCD Female: EFG The 7 seagulls are assigned to exactly one of two categories […]

Free LSAT Logic Game: Grouping: Splitting

LSAT Unplugged subscriber Caleb wrote this LSAT Logic Game. I’ve modified the game’s questions slightly, but Caleb provided the core. All complaints and/or compliments about the game’s topic and rules should be directed to him 🙂 However, please thank him in the comments for allowing me to share the game with all of you! *** […]