Free LSAT Logic Game | Relative Ordering

UPDATE: You can get this game, along with several others I’ve written, in a free book. This Logic Game I’ve written is what some would categorize as Pure Sequencing, Loose Sequencing, or Relative Ordering. Whatever you call it, this type of game requires you to put variables in order, just like Basic Linear games do. […]

Free LSAT Logic Game | Grouping: Selection / In-Out

I’ve enjoyed forcing you to think about a spaceship with 8 monkeys and 7 Greek deities in a power struggle as you completed my first two LSAT Logic Games. However, it’s time to get back to the real world, at least for a little while, so the Logic Game I’ve written this time has a […]

Does the LSAT Repeat Previous Logic Games Questions?

Does the LSAT repeat questions from previous tests? Yes and no. You will not see questions repeated word-for-word. That would be too easy. However, you may see games that feature extremely similar methods of reasoning – sometimes only with small changes to the rules and variables. Although the games aren’t identical, they’re extremely similar.You know […]

10 Hardest LSAT Logic Games List

Which Logic Games do you think are the most difficult? Here are 10 of the most difficult Logic Games. I’ve included classifications of each game after the game’s topic. Enjoy!

How to Get a Perfect Score on LSAT Logic Games

Below I list all the Logic Games-related blog posts you should read toward the beginning of your prep. I’ve listed them in the specific order in which you should read them, along with the relevant Logic Games you should complete. Use my LSAT Cheat Sheet as a quick-reference, and you can use my Logic Games […]

5 Reasons I Secretly Enjoy Logic Games

Some of you email me to say how much you hate the LSAT. I already wrote a series on why I love the LSAT, but some of you still aren’t convinced. I’m not giving up. Here are the top 5 reasons I enjoy Logic Games: 1. They’re like sudoku. 2. It’s satisfying to make a […]

LSAT Logic Games Rule Substitution Questions

LSAT Logic Games Rule Substitution questions (aka Rule Equivalency or Equivalent Rule questions) began with LSAT PrepTest 57 and have appeared on nearly every exam since. Use the following strategies to solve these questions: – Check each answer choice against previous diagrams. Determine if each choice would allow each previously-valid scenario to still work. Ask […]

Free LSAT Logic Games PDF Download

If you’re reading this, you’re probably studying for the LSAT. I know this process isn’t easy, and it can be incredibly frustrating at times. However, each year, many people overcome the hurdles and get into the law schools of their dreams. You ask yourself, how’d they do it? When I first started LSAT Unplugged, there […]

Dinosaur LSAT Logic Game Explanation

I would categorize this game as a combination of Selection (In-Out) and Matching. Basically, we’re selecting some variables but not others, and we’re associating variables of different types with each other. There’s no sequencing or linear aspect to this game. Due to copyright restrictions, I’m forced to leave out the text of the game. You’ll […]

Free LSAT Logic Games | Linear | Easy Version

Here’s the “easier version” of this Logic Game. For those of you interested in comparing the hard and easy versions, I’ve listed each variable and its counterpart at the end of this blog post.   Easy version Jandra is a travel guide writer who will visit 7 countries: Australia, Bahrain, China, Djibouti, England, Fiji, and […]