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Does the LSAT Repeat Previous Logic Games Questions?

Does the LSAT repeat questions from previous tests?

Yes and no. You will not see questions repeated word-for-word. That would be too easy. However, you may see games that feature extremely similar methods of reasoning – sometimes only with small changes to the rules and variables. Although the games aren’t identical, they’re extremely similar.
You know you’ve been tutoring the LSAT for too long when you notice these things.
In horror movies, the teenagers are frightened (understandably) when their enemy rises from the dead. Luckily, the LSAT is not a horror movie. If you’re lucky enough to recognize your enemy on test day, you’ll have the tools to defeat it.
(For you new folks, PrepTests are previously-administered LSAT exams.)


These Logic Games just wouldn’t die…

  1. SuperPrep B, Game 2 (Trees in a park: firs, laurels, maples, oaks, pines, spruces, yews)
    Preptest 33, Game 2 (Birds in a forest: grosbeak, harrier, jay, martin, shrike, wren)
    PrepTest 36, Game 1 (Fruit stand carries: figs, kiwis, oranges, pears, tangerines, watermelons)
    PrepTest 45, Game 3 (Friends in photo album: Raimundo, Selma, Ty, Umiko, Wendy, Yakira, Zack)
    PrepTest 58, Game 2 (Parents’ volunteer group: Felicia, Leah, Masatomo, Rochelle, Salman, Terry, Veena)
    LSAT Unplugged Logic Game (Legislator votes on bills: defense, environment, free trade, gun control, health care, immigration, and judicial activism)

Type: Grouping: In-and-Out / Selection

  1. PrepTest 26, Game 1 (Physics students assigned to laboratory benches)
    PrepTest 36, Game 4 (Pilots and co-pilots assigned to flights)

Type: Advanced Linear

  1. PrepTest 13, Game 3 (Art teacher schedules lectures: fresco, history, lithography, naturalism, oils, pastels, sculpture, watercolors)
    PrepTest 32, Game 1 (Students in a seminar give oral reports in morning or afternoon)

Type: Grouping/Linear Combination

  1. PrepTest 35, Game 2 (New cars with options: power windows, leather, sunroof)
    PrepTest 47, Game 3 (Record stores in Crescentville carry folk, jazz, opera, rock)
    PrepTest 48, Game 3 (Technicians repair machines: radios, televisions, VCRs)
    LSAT Unplugged Logic Game (Seven Hindu deities answer prayers: Arjun, Bobby, Jason, Puja)

Type: Grouping: Matching with Numerical Distribution (not 1-to-1)

  1. PrepTest 36, Game 2 (Radio calls are live or taped from Vancouver, Seattle, Kelowna)
    PrepTest 46, Game 3 (Thunderstorm drops only rain or both hail and rain over 5 towns)

Type: Advanced Linear/ Multi-level Ordering

  1. PrepTest 37, Game 2 (Trucks arrive at a warehouse and are green or red)
    PrepTest 39, Game 3 (Sam, Theo, Uma, Will, Zoe are left-handed or right-handed)
    PrepTest 51, Game 3 (Guitarist’s demo CD, rock classics and new compositions)
    PrepTest 53, Game 3 (Detectives question suspects about burglaries, confess, not confess)

Type: Advanced Linear/ Multi-level Ordering

  1. PrepTest 51, Game 4 (Courier delivers eight parcels)
    PrepTest 52, Game 1 (Workers at a water treatment plant open eight valves)

Type: Pure Sequencing/ Relative Ordering


  1. Preptest 53, Game 4 (Debate teams from Gillom High and Hilltop High)
    PrepTest 56, Game 4 (Executives visit manufacturing plants: Farmington, Homestead, Morningside)

Type: Advanced Linear/ Multi-level Ordering

Which games have you seen repeated on PrepTests?


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