Reading Comprehension Questions | Inference and Main Point

You’ve probably noticed much of the LSAT is about presenting simple things in a confusing way. The LSAT is all about hiding what’s staring you right in the face. Reading Comp is no different. If you’ve done more than a few Reading Comp passages, you’ve probably noticed by this point that RC passages tend to […]

New LSAT Reading Comprehension Tips

Seems like everyone wants more help on LSAT Reading Comprehension these days, so here are some loosely-related thoughts on how to approach Reading Comp. What to focus on I like to think of Reading Comprehension passages as big “point at issue” questions like the ones you find in Logical Reasoning. Comparative reading passages are the […]

10 Strategies for LSAT Reading Comprehension

Many people believe LSAT Reading Comprehension can’t be taught. Luckily, they’re mistaken. Consider this post your blueprint for Reading Comp. It even includes tips to help you deal with those newfangled Comparative Reading passages. 1. Look for the key words that indicate degree of certainty. Watch out for words like some, most, all, never, and […]

LSAT Reading Comprehension Passages: Easy As Harry Potter

LSAT Reading Comprehension doesn’t have to put you to sleep. “Yeah, right,” you say. “I read Harry Potter on the beach a few summers ago. But LSAT Reading Comp? That’s like reading Nietzsche or Derrida – even in translation, they don’t make sense!” That’s what they WANT you to think. LSAC wants you to see the passages […]

How to Ace Reading Comprehension | 7 Habits

1. Recognize the passage’s main point / opinion.Find the overarching theme of the passage. 2. Keep track of various opinions presented by individuals or groups.Understand the role that each paragraph plays in advancing each point of view. 3. Have a consistent and effective note-taking strategy.Read my LSAT Reading Comp note-taking advice so that you won’t have to re-read […]

LSAT Vocab Made Easy

When I opened my first LSAT practice test, here’s what I came across in one of the Reading Comp passages: Eschewing Drescher’s idealization of British traditions of liberty, Eltis points to…draconian vagrancy laws…to ensure the industriousness of British workers…. And the actual sentence was longer than that! What the heck does that even mean?????? I […]

LSAT Reading Comprehension Tips and Tricks

or…How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the LSAT (Part 3 of 3) Who do you think does better on the day of the LSAT – the person who enjoys reading or the person who hates it? Part 1 of this series covered Logic Games, and Part 2 dealt with Logical Reasoning. This is Part 3. […]

5 Hardest LSAT Reading Comprehension Passages

This list is focused on exams published 2000-2010. These make for great bathroom/beach reading. Enjoy! *** 1. PrepTest 35 (October 2001), Passage 4 – Ronald Dworkin and Legal Positivism vs. Moralism (p234 in Next 10) 2. PrepTest 49 (June 2006), Passage 4 – Maize 3. PrepTest 50 (October 2006), Passage 4 – Riddled Basins of Attraction 4. PrepTest 55 (October 2008), Passage 3 – Maxine Kingston […]

LSAT Reading Comprehension Passages, Categorized

There are 4 Reading Comprehension passages per section. Each section contains one passage from each of the following categories: Natural Science, Social Science, Humanities, and Law.Many prep companies group the 4 RC passages per section into those categories and stop there. I’ve gone a step further and done a more comprehensive categorization of many Reading […]