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LSAT Reading Comprehension Passages, Categorized

There are 4 Reading Comprehension passages per section. Each section contains one passage from each of the following categories: Natural Science, Social Science, Humanities, and Law.
Many prep companies group the 4 RC passages per section into those categories and stop there.

I’ve gone a step further and done a more comprehensive categorization of many Reading Comprehension passages that have appeared on the LSAT.

Familiarity and comfort with these topics and/or passage styles is a good idea, as LSAC is likely to repeat them at some point in the future.

Some categories are broader than others, and some passages easily fall within more than one category. In these cases, I picked the category that seemed most useful.

The categories, in a loosely logical order, are:

Computers, Internet, Copyright Law
Judge, Jury, Lawyer, Courts
Law and Literature, Critical Legal Studies
Legal and Political Theory / Systems
Slavery and Civil Rights
American Colonies
Women Doing Impressive Things Throughout History
Women’s Education
Medieval Times
Native American Land
Other Native American Passages
Authors Mixing Literary Genres
Latin American Lit vs. Spanish Lit
Objectivism / Subjectivism
Thurgood Marshall’s Legal Strategies
Bruno Bettelheim and Fairy Tales
Parallel Computing
Animals and Bacteria
Graduate-Level Education
Author/Poet/Artist and Interpretations of Work
Miscellaneous (I have not placed these in any category)

What are you supposed to do with this? Well, if there’s a topic that scares you (objectivism/subjectivism, for example), try to get through as many of those passages as possible, just in case you see it on Test Day.

***The number appearing before each passage’s topic tells which passage it is out of the 4 in that PrepTest.


Here’s the list of categorized Reading Comprehension passages >>>


Inside my course, I also list all the passages arranged by PrepTest (so you can get copies of them).


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