Law School Personal Statement Topics to Avoid

Below is an excerpt from The Art of the Law School Personal Statement by Michelle Fabio. *** Before narrowing down that final topic for your personal statement, look at these below that you’re better off avoiding entirely or at least being extremely careful when writing about. 1. Low LSAT Score Your LSAT score is in […]

Law School Personal Statement Artist | Interview

I recently interviewed Michelle Fabio, Esq. of Personal Statement Artist via email. Our discussion follows. *** 1. Is it possible for an applicant to write a successful personal statement about why he or she wants to be a lawyer? If so, how? The wording of this question implies that writing such a statement is a […]

Law School Applications: Character and Fitness, Addenda Tips

– Keep it Short: There’s rarely a reason that an explanation statement should run beyond a double-spaced page, and even that’s too long for most situations. Many applicants feel the need to provide a lot of backstory, but it’s usually not necessary and can be harmful in a number of ways: it can muddy the waters […]

“Why Our Law School?” Essay

The “Why Our Law School?” Essay Many law schools ask a supplemental essay question along the lines of “why do you want to go to our school in particular?” Sure, it’d be great if we could wave a magic wand and take out all individual law school application essays. Unfortunately, if a law school asks […]

Waiving Your Right to Review Letters of Recommendation

The below excerpt on waiving your right to review law school recommendation letters (and letters of recommendation in a nutshell) is from A Guide to Law School Recommendations. Applicants often ask me whether they should waive their right to see letters of recommendation. My response—and that of most of my colleagues—is an unqualified yes. Naturally, […]

The Art of the Law School Personal Statement | Excerpt

Below is an excerpt from a new Kindle book, The Art of the Law School Personal Statement. *** The Art of the Law School Personal Statement will guide you through the entire essay process, including brainstorming (over 80 questions and writing prompts to get you moving); formulating, structuring, and revising your essay; conquering writer’s block; […]

Choosing Law School Personal Statement Topic

This post is the first of a series on navigating the personal statement. It’s by the author of A Comprehensive Guide to the Law School Personal Statement, Margaret Klein, PhD, a personal statement editor. *** It has to answer the question: “Why Law School?” Remember writing your personal statement for undergraduate admissions? There was a […]

Law School Application Essay: Why X?

One of the law school application essays that many students choose to write about is the one that asks, “Why our law school in particular?” There are different variations on this question, but they’re all asking the same things: What is it about this particular school or area of study that you find interesting? Why? […]

Law School Selection and Prep Advice | Interview

I recently interviewed Ursula Furi-Perry, Esq., author of Law School Revealed, via email. Our discussion follows. 1. You write that one benefit of waiting before attending law school is that you can gain exposure to the legal field to determine whether or not you truly like the law. However, don’t most paralegals do mind-numbing busywork? […]

Law School Application Resume Tips

Aside from dealing with the LSAT and law school personal statements, you’ll also have to put together a law school application resume.   For this reason, I’ve compiled the best links I found containing law school application resume tips.   Law School Application Resume Tips   Sample resumes from Anna Ivey’s The Ivey Guide to […]