Self-Control: Smoking, Eating, and LSAT Prep

Studying for the LSAT is exhausting and time-consuming.   Why are some people able to study for hours on end while others can’t stand more than a half-hour at a time?   The answer may lie somewhere in the concept of “ego depletion.” Basically, the idea is that you only have a limited amount of […]

Can Playing This Memory Game Increase Your LSAT Score?

New research demonstrates that you might be able to increase your intelligence. Scientists had previously considered this to be impossible. The evidence (a study from 2008) suggests that by playing a game called “Dual N-Back,” kids were able to improve their nonverbal IQ scores by an average of 10 points. Basically, the game requires the […]

Taking the LSAT in Afghanistan While in the Military

A few LSAT Blog readers have shared their stories about taking the LSAT while abroad, and/or while serving in the military. In this LSAT Diary, I share the story of Bryan, a U.S. Army paratrooper, who took the LSAT in rural Afghanistan. He just graduated from the University of Oregon Law School, where he spoke at […]

5 Reasons to Stay Motivated During LSAT Prep

Without an LSAT study group, it can get lonely in whatever study nook you’ve found. Even if you do have an LSAT study group, here are 5 reasons to continue studying even if you’re sick of it: 1. Surpass everyone’s expectations. Do even better on the LSAT than people expected and wow them. 2. The economy is in […]

How To Recover From LSAT Burnout

As the LSAT approaches, you’ve probably started clutching your PrepTests for protection. Your friends have started to compare you to Linus from the Peanuts comic, who carries his blanket wherever he goes. However, if you’ve been studying for a while, you might be sick of the LSAT by now. Your body might start to reject the LSAT […]

How to Study for a Retake

Or What to Do When You Run Out of PrepTests… Someone recently asked me, “What should you do if you have used a lot of your LSAT material already but need to retake?” Here are 7 tips for anyone in this common situation: 1. Redo practice tests. Even if you’ve done every PrepTest (you probably haven’t), you […]