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5 Reasons to Stay Motivated During LSAT Prep

Without an LSAT study group, it can get lonely in whatever study nook you’ve found. Even if you do have an LSAT study group, here are 5 reasons to continue studying even if you’re sick of it:

1. Surpass everyone’s expectations.

Do even better on the LSAT than people expected and wow them.

2. The economy is in bad shape.

As unemployment rates rise, more people have taken the LSAT in the past 12 months than at any time since 1991.

3. All the cool kids are doing it.

Movies like My Cousin VinnyThe Paper Chase, and To Kill A Mockingbird (book) shaped the public’s perception of the law. You want to join the esteemed ranks of Vinny Gambini, James Hart, the harsh Professor Charles Kingsfield, and Atticus Finch.

4. You need to practice in order to improve.

It won’t just get you to Carnegie Hall – it’ll get you into law school too.

5. You want to get into the best law school possible.

Imagine opening your mail one day and getting that acceptance letter. You’ll need a killer LSAT score.

Bonus reason: If you wait, you may also need to take a “personality test.”

The NYTimes once reported, that our friends at Berkeley have developed a test intended to serve as an alternative to the LSAT. However, applicants in future years may have to take this new test in addition to the LSAT. The NYTimes article states:

“David E. Van Zandt, dean of the law school at Northwestern, said he would welcome a supplement to the LSAT to evaluate applicants, a sentiment echoed by other law school deans.”

Now start doing what you need to do in order to ace the LSAT!


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