Can Playing This Memory Game Increase Your LSAT Score?

New research demonstrates that you might be able to increase your intelligence. Scientists had previously considered this to be impossible. The evidence (a study from 2008) suggests that by playing a game called “Dual N-Back,” kids were able to improve their nonverbal IQ scores by an average of 10 points. Basically, the game requires the […]

The Best Answer Choice to Guess on the LSAT

Because there’s no guessing penalty on the LSAT, you should fill in a bubble for every answer. I recently analyzed the LSAT PrepTest Answer Keys from several different angles. This blog post contains my findings. I’ll start off with my most-significant findings, which you will find useful. The rest of the blog post is the […]

7 Logical Reasoning Tips and Tricks

UPDATE: I’ve put together a GINORMOUS list of free Logical Reasoning advice and strategies. The below tips are a good start, but click that link for much, much, more. Logical Reasoning makes up 2 out of 4 sections on the scored portion of the LSAT. These 7 tips will help you to master this important […]

Negating Conditional Statements in Logical Reasoning

A common technique for solving LSAT Logical Reasoning questions (particularly, Necessary Assumption questions) is to negate each of the answer choices. The correct answer choice, when negated, destroys the argument by preventing the conclusion from logically following from the evidence. Sometimes, answer choices contain conditional statements, rather than simply containing a single clause. The proper […]

New LSAT Reading Comprehension Tips

Seems like everyone wants more help on LSAT Reading Comprehension these days, so here are some loosely-related thoughts on how to approach Reading Comp. What to focus on I like to think of Reading Comprehension passages as big “point at issue” questions like the ones you find in Logical Reasoning. Comparative reading passages are the […]

Logic Games Tips | Conditional Reasoning

The following two rules are extremely common in Grouping: In-Out / Selection games, but they give test-takers a lot of trouble. These rules come up in other types of Logic Games, too. Make sure you can recognize them at a glance and instantly know what they mean. Please note: “~” is a symbol meaning “not.” […]

10 Tips to Prepare for the Day of the LSAT

Make sure to save this and re-read it the week before your exam so you’ll know what to do. The week before: 1. Take a Practice Test in the room you’ll be using for the actual Test Day. The best way to get rid of pre-test jitters is to simulate taking the exam in the exact […]