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10 Tips to Prepare for the Day of the LSAT

Make sure to save this and re-read it the week before your exam so you’ll know what to do.

The week before:

1. Take a Practice Test in the room you’ll be using for the actual Test Day.

The best way to get rid of pre-test jitters is to simulate taking the exam in the exact same place you’ll be taking the LSAT.

2. Decide what you’ll wear.

This isn’t Project Runway – I’m talking about comfort. Wear a couple of layers, including your lucky t-shirt or sweatshirt. Depending on the time of the year, or whether the room you’ll be in will be hot or cold. Hoodies aren’t permitted, though. When I took the LSAT, security wouldn’t let me bring mine in. I was forced to stash it in a nearby park because test centers don’t have a place to check banned items. Since you’ll be taking this online, wear something that will show your face at all times.

3. Decide what you’ll bring.

Fill a see-through plastic bag with your photo ID, scratch paper, pencil, highlighter, eraser, a bottle of water, a logic game (#9 explains why), and an analog watch. See the Law School Admissions Council’s day of test rules since the rules are updated frequently. The proctor will allow you to bring only one cellphone during checkin and you’ll be instructed to put this away when the test starts.

4. Relax the day before your exam.

If you studied for a decent period of time, one more day won’t make a big difference. It’s good to take a break so you don’t burn out. Remember – there’s a world beyond the LSAT!

5. Get to bed early the night before and set multiple alarms.

You want to be well-rested for the exam. Make sure you don’t drink anything with caffeine after 3PM.

The morning of your exam:

6. Rise and shine.

Hopefully, you’ve been waking up early all week and you’re well-rested, so this shouldn’t be difficult.

7. Eat a big breakfast.

I’ve heard several people recommend that you eat a light breakfast. I believe that it’s better to eat a full meal. Remember, the LSAT will be for several hours. I’ve heard stories of students and delays due to technical difficulties. This probably won’t happen, but it’s best to be prepared so you’re not hungry.

8. Prepare your testing space and devices.

You never know what can happen on Test Day. It is best to test the laptop and proctoring software before the actual day. A strong and stable internet connection is also key to having a successful Test Day experience.

9. Complete a logic game right before the exam.

When you’re waiting for the proctor, take a few minutes to re-do your “favorite” logic game or a few logical reasoning questions that didn’t give you any trouble. Completing these will boost your confidence and get your brain warmed-up. This way, your first LSAT question of the day won’t be the first one on the real exam.

10. Chill.

The LSAT’s only a test. Of course it’s a big deal, but if test day doesn’t go according to plan, you’ll always be able to retake it, and you can cancel your score up to six days after the test date.


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