Corey’s Success Story

Thanks to the LSAT Unplugged study plan, Corey got a 161 on the October 2012 LSAT Corey’s LSAT Diary A bit about me…  – I’m a divorced dad (have custody 1 night/week and every other weekend)  – I work a full-time job  – My undergrad was in Engineering  – I’ve historically been a good test-taker, […]

Michela’s Success Story

Thanks to the LSAT Unplugged study plan, Michela increased her LSAT score from 149 to 163 Michela’s LSAT Diary & Game Plan: I made up a Game Plan sheet and read it before every preptest and before the actual LSAT. I related a lot of my prep to sports, as if I were preparing for […]

Andy’s LSAT Success Story

Andy followed the 4 month study plan, and improved his score from 154 to 169 on a retake Andy’s LSAT Diary: When test day came, I was filled with adrenaline. My thought going in is that I had to have studied harder than some of the test takers today. In the end, I scored a […]

Free LSAT Logic Game | Grouping: Selection (Defined)

My other Grouping: Selection / In-Out Logic Game is “Undefined,” meaning that we didn’t know how many variables were in (voted for) and how many were out (voted against). The game I’ve written for this article, on the other hand, is “Defined,” which means that we know exactly how many variables are selected and how […]

Basic and Advanced Linear Logic Game | Limited Options

Limited Options, Templates, Possibilities, whatever you call them, they’re ridiculously useful in several Logic Games. This covers one common, yet simple, technique for listing all the options/templates/possibilities in Basic Linear and Advanced Linear games. Let’s say we’re doing an 7-slot / variable Linear game in which only one variable can go in each slot. This […]

Anthony’s LSAT Success Story

Anthony used the 3-month study plan and improved his LSAT score from 140s to 161 Some types of questions would repeatedly give me difficulty. Parallel reasoning questions were absolute time sinks. I found them nearly impossible to complete correctly and within a reasonable amount of time. The sheer amount of text required to synthesize was […]

Brad’s LSAT Success Story

Brad used the 3 month study plan and scored a 179 By the time I had made the decision to apply to law school, I realized that I had a bit of an uphill battle. My first year in college was horrendous, and had a large impact on my GPA. The following 3.5 years were […]

Brandon’s LSAT Success Story

Brandon followed the LSAT Unplugged study plan and recommended books. He scored a 170 I write this diary entry in retrospect, which means two important things: first, I took the test, and can, with a certain level of objectivity, say what did or didn’t work, and second, I scored in the 97th percentile at a […]

Caleb’s LSAT Success Story

Caleb increased his LSAT score from 161 to 171 on a retake I hate wasps. They are literally the crappiest of all God’s creatures. I have thrown babies and old women out of the way as I run shrieking away from a single wasp. I’m a grown man who has gone skydiving, yet I’m afraid […]

Caroline’s LSAT Success Story

Caroline followed the 5-month study plan, got a 169 and a perfect score on the Logic Games section When I started thinking about the LSAT, I had sort of-maybe decided that I wanted to go to law school last summer after a year of going back and forth between grad school and law school.   […]