LSAT Most Strongly Supported Questions

Would you believe that big prep companies, the ones who get paid to help you ace the LSAT, make mistakes in some of their material?! Actually, you’re probably not that surprised, which I guess says something. So what’s one of the most common mistakes I see in LSAT prep material? Failing to distinguish between Most […]

7 Logical Reasoning Tips and Tricks

UPDATE: I’ve put together a GINORMOUS list of free Logical Reasoning advice and strategies. The below tips are a good start, but click that link for much, much, more. Logical Reasoning makes up 2 out of 4 sections on the scored portion of the LSAT. These 7 tips will help you to master this important […]

5 Hardest LSAT Logical Reasoning Questions

Today, I’ll show you how to approach 5 difficult LSAT Logical Reasoning questions. Students ask me to explain these questions all the time, so I’m using this week’s main post to do so. I’m not posting the actual questions because I don’t want to get a visit from the folks at LSAC (although I’m sure […]

5 Steps to Solving Weaken Logical Reasoning Questions

What do you do when you see a Weaken Logical Reasoning question, aside from hiding under your bed? Weaken questions don’t have to be tough, although they can seem that way at first. Unless you frequently engage in structured debates, you’re probably used to fixing things and making them better – not breaking them and […]

5 Steps to Solving Strengthen Logical Reasoning Questions

What do you do when you see a Strengthen Logical Reasoning question? Remember that Logical Reasoning makes up half the exam, and Strengthen Logical Reasoning questions are common. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you solve them. 1. Recognize that it’s a Strengthen question. Some strengthen question stems: “Which one of the following, if true, […]

Necessary Assumption Question: The Rattlesnake Folktale

Let’s look at one of my favorite Logical Reasoning questions: the Rattlesnake Folktale question. It’s PrepTest 30 – December 1999 LSAT, Section 2, Question 22 – page 60 in Next 10. We know this is a necessary assumption question because it says “which one of the following is an assumption the argument requires?” I can’t […]

LSAT Logical Reasoning Flaws, Fallacies List

The LSAT Logical Reasoning section tests your ability to spot a variety of flaws. Some are as simple as failing to consider a particular possibility, but we can group the others into the category of classic logical fallacies. They’re the type you find in basic logic textbooks. Many Logical Reasoning questions describe flaws in the […]

LSAT Logic of a Spam Email Scam

In this post, I analyze two similar emails as if they were Logical Reasoning arguments. Both ended up in my spam folder (with good reason). Here’s the first, edited for brevity: It is understandable that you might be a little bit apprehensive because you do not know me, Please forgive this unusual manner to contact […]

LSAT Logic and Law School Spam

I hate spam. I even wrote an article making fun of spammers. I send emails on a schedule and sent out automatically- and that’s only if you’ve chosen to subscribe via email. I don’t do anything at all with them, and I have trouble just reading all the emails I receive, let alone responding to as many of […]

Logical Reasoning | Formal Logic Inference Questions

My students know I’m not a fan of diagramming most Logical Reasoning questions. However, some questions just beg to be diagrammed. These questions tend to be formal logic inference questions and sufficient assumption (justify) questions. In this article, I’ll cover one Logical Reasoning question that should be easy but gives many test-takers a lot of difficulty […]