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LSAT Most Strongly Supported Questions

Would you believe that big prep companies, the ones who get paid to help you ace the LSAT, make mistakes in some of their material?!

Actually, you’re probably not that surprised, which I guess says something.

So what’s one of the most common mistakes I see in LSAT prep material? Failing to distinguish between Most Strongly Supported and Must Be True questions.

For example, you might see them place “Most Supported” / “Most Strongly Supported” Logical Reasoning questions under the category of “ Must Be True” questions.

*cue gameshow buzzer*

I can see why. After all, the answer to a Most Strongly Supported question sometimes is something that Must Be True.

If an answer is 100% supported by the stimulus it must be true and is also the most strongly supported because you obviously can’t support something more than 100%.

BUT just because something is the most strongly supported doesn’t necessarily mean it is true.

This is an imperfect example, but imagine you just got superpowers (hurray! But use them for good).

Of the five government scientists that examine you, four of them say that you definitely got your powers from that radioactive sludge you fell into. It also did wonders for you skin, which is a nice bonus.

One of the scientists disagrees and says the comet that crashed into your house is actually the source.

The most strongly supported answer (the most likely) is the sludge, but it doesn’t quite mean it must be true that you got your powers from it.

Again, not a perfect example but you get the idea. If you want some more realistic examples of what you’re likely to see on the test you can find some here —->

I take two examples from The Next 10 Actual, Official LSAT PrepTests as well as an example from a more recent LSAT PrepTest and go through them.

I hope that helps, and keep up the good study habits whether your LSAT is a week or a year away!


Steve “The LSAT Machine” Schwartz

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