Weird Curveball LSAT Logic Games

Here’s a big list of Weird Curveball LSAT Logic Games. Don’t be surprised if you have more trouble than average with these. But they’re great practice for curveball games on LSAT Test Day. PT1, G1 PT2, G3 PT4, G4 PT6, G3 PT6, G4 PT8, G2 PT9, G4 PT10, G3 PT11, G4 PT12, G4 PT13, G4 […]

5 Ways to Solve Logic Games in Under 7 Minutes

These tips and tricks will show you how to beat each Logic Game in less than seven minutes. Think it can’t be done? Think again! 1. Create a diagram. LSAT course instructors sometimes tell you to create a grid for every game instead of using a basic slot diagram. A slot diagram is an easy […]

Logic Games Tips | Conditional Reasoning

The following two rules are extremely common in Grouping: In-Out / Selection games, but they give test-takers a lot of trouble. These rules come up in other types of Logic Games, too. Make sure you can recognize them at a glance and instantly know what they mean. Please note: “~” is a symbol meaning “not.” […]

Logic Games: Before, After, But Not Both | Part 2

This post will explain the “before, after, but not both” rules of the 2nd game in PrepTest 53 (December 2007). PrepTest 53, Game 2 The game starts off, “A competition is being held to select a design for Yancy College’s new student union building…” The rules I’m about to describe are exactly like the rule I described in the […]

Conditional Sequencing in Logic Games

Starting with PrepTest 51 (December 2006), LSAC threw a twist into sequencing games (a basic type of Logic Game). It added “conditional sequencing” rules. Conditional means “If…then.” This post will explain what I consider the easiest rule of this type. Preptest 51, Game 2 Let’s look at the 4th rule of the 2nd game in PrepTest 51. […]

7 Games To Practice Before Test Day

Pretend you were taken hostage while studying in the library and could only do 7 Logic Games before Test Day. You can squeeze in one each day while your captors watch their daytime soap operas. Which 7 Logic Games would you pick? Which are the most important? This list includes what I consider to be […]

LSAT Logic Games Tips and Tricks

or…How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the LSAT (Part 1 of 3) The LSAT is all bark and no bite. Yes, I know it seems scary and difficult, but it’s not that tough. It’s a test of illogic. Treat it like a gullible younger brother who believes the unjustified claims of every TV commercial […]

Logic Games Selection | In-Out Diagram Explanation

This is an In-Out game where the rules can be connected to form long conditional chains. I designate bills voted “For” as being “In” (positive). I designate the bills voted “Against” as being “Out” (negative). If you’re new to this, or you need a reminder, sufficient is before the arrow, and necessary is after the […]

LSAT Logic Games Diagram | Relative Ordering

My LSAT Logic Games Relative Ordering diagram (written for this Logic Game about magicians) led to some questions about how I created that game’s main diagram. Here’s a step-by-step approach, taking the rules one at a time: Diagramming the 1st rule (L and Q each perform at some time after P): Adding the 2nd rule […]