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Weird Curveball LSAT Logic Games

Here’s a big list of Weird Curveball LSAT Logic Games.

Don’t be surprised if you have more trouble than average with these. But they’re great practice for curveball games on LSAT Test Day.

PT1, G1

PT2, G3

PT4, G4

PT6, G3

PT6, G4

PT8, G2

PT9, G4

PT10, G3

PT11, G4

PT12, G4

PT13, G4

PT15. G2

PT16. G4

PT18. G3

PT18, G4

PT20, G3

PT21, G2

PT27, G2

PT29, G2

PT30, G1

PT31, G4

PT34, G2

PT38, G4

PT40, G3

PT41, G4

PT44, G4

PT50, G3

PT57, G3

PT60, G3

PT64, G2

PT65, G4

PT67, G4

PT70, G2

PT72, G4

PT77, G3

PT79, G4

PT80, G4