Free LSAT Logic Game: Grouping: Splitting

LSAT Unplugged subscriber Caleb wrote this LSAT Logic Game. I’ve modified the game’s questions slightly, but Caleb provided the core. All complaints and/or compliments about the game’s topic and rules should be directed to him 🙂 However, please thank him in the comments for allowing me to share the game with all of you! *** […]

Logic Games Tips | Conditional Reasoning

The following two rules are extremely common in Grouping: In-Out / Selection games, but they give test-takers a lot of trouble. These rules come up in other types of Logic Games, too. Make sure you can recognize them at a glance and instantly know what they mean. Please note: “~” is a symbol meaning “not.” […]

Logic Games: Before, After, But Not Both | Part 2

This post will explain the “before, after, but not both” rules of the 2nd game in PrepTest 53 (December 2007). PrepTest 53, Game 2 The game starts off, “A competition is being held to select a design for Yancy College’s new student union building…” The rules I’m about to describe are exactly like the rule I described in the […]

7 Games To Practice Before Test Day

Pretend you were taken hostage while studying in the library and could only do 7 Logic Games before Test Day. You can squeeze in one each day while your captors watch their daytime soap operas. Which 7 Logic Games would you pick? Which are the most important? This list includes what I consider to be […]

Mastering Logic Games

LSAT Unplugged subscriber Jacob conducted a lengthy interview with me about the strategies of top-scoring LSAT takers. Here’s an excerpt from the interview: The logic games are probably the most feared subject on the LSAT. Yet many students are able to achieve a perfect score on the logic games. So, why are they the most […]

LSAT Logic Games Tips and Tricks

or…How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the LSAT (Part 1 of 3) The LSAT is all bark and no bite. Yes, I know it seems scary and difficult, but it’s not that tough. It’s a test of illogic. Treat it like a gullible younger brother who believes the unjustified claims of every TV commercial […]