Writing the Law School Personal Statament

The Pre-Law Advisor at Elon University, Dr. Nim Batchelor, has graciously agreed to share some of his excellent thoughts on writing a law school personal statement.   Please thank him in the comments!   An Approach to Writing a Personal StatementBy Dr. Nim BatchelorElon University, Fall 2010   When I advise students about how to […]

Supplemental law school admissions essays

In many of my previous articles, I’ve shared strategies for writing your main law school personal statement. Many schools also require a supplemental essay that answers the following question: Why do you want to attend this law school? On the surface, it seems like a simple question. You can probably answer it easily.   But […]

Law School Letter of Continued Interest | Sample

If you get waitlisted by a law school, it’s a good idea to send a Letter of Continued Interest (LOCI) in order to increase your chances of acceptance.   LOCIs demonstrate to law schools that you are serious about attending their school if accepted which will help increase their yield (a factor on which they’re […]