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Law School Letter of Continued Interest | Sample

If you get waitlisted by a law school, it’s a good idea to send a Letter of Continued Interest (LOCI) in order to increase your chances of acceptance.


LOCIs demonstrate to law schools that you are serious about attending their school if accepted which will help increase their yield (a factor on which they’re ranked in the US News rankings.


Here’s a sample law school application Letter of Continued Interest to get you started:


To Whom It May Concern / Dear _____ Admissions: I would like to reiterate my unwavering desire to attend _________. There is no law school I would rather attend. My professional and personal backgrounds would bring diversity to the community. My experience in _____ demonstrates my ability to excel in an intense, highly competitive environment. At the same time, I ___________. (Here, I would add a sentence or two with some kind of update on anything new you’ve been doing since you submitted your application. Can be work or community service-related, GPA-related, etc.) I would be honored to be offered the privilege to join the ______ Class of 20XX. Thank you very much for your consideration. Sincerely,


(Just don’t use word-for-word, or they’ll know you copied it from LSAT Unplugged!)


Why (and How) to Send Letters of Continued Interest to Law Schools (from this guest post):


Many law schools claim that they don’t want or need to hear why you wish to attend their law school. Do yourself a favor, and ignore these claims. Law schools – and particularly admissions offices – care a great deal about enrollment rates. If half of everyone they accept goes to a different law school, that reflects terribly on the admissions office, and the entire law school. They want to know that if they accept you, you will come.


Many individuals placed on the waitlist at top law schools will get into other top law schools. The admissions office knows this. If you are waitlisted at Columbia, there is a decent chance that you will be accepted at NYU, Chicago, etc. If you are one of the lucky few taken off of the waitlist, admissions officers want to know that you won’t just end up at one of these other schools.

How do you accomplish that? Simply, straightforwardly, and in a letter of continued interest. Send the letter shortly after you have been waitlisted. Let the admissions office know that you continue to be very interested in their school.


Explain why you are interested in their school. What makes them unique? Why can’t you get the same things from another law school? The more specific and detailed you are, the more likely that admissions officers will believe you.


In addition, be straightforward. If you are waitlisted at your top choice, tell them that they are your top choice. Don’t just say that you are “very interested.” If they are your top choice, you should make it very clear that you will be attending their school if you are accepted.


The letter of continued interest may be sent separately from your supplemental essays or materials. However, I would recommend that you send them together. At the bottom of your letter, you can mention that you’ve included additional materials that may be of help in assessing your application.


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