How to Get a Perfect Score on LSAT Logic Games

Below I list all the Logic Games-related blog posts you should read toward the beginning of your prep. I’ve listed them in the specific order in which you should read them, along with the relevant Logic Games you should complete. Use my LSAT Cheat Sheet as a quick-reference, and you can use my Logic Games […]

5 Reasons I Secretly Enjoy Logic Games

Some of you email me to say how much you hate the LSAT. I already wrote a series on why I love the LSAT, but some of you still aren’t convinced. I’m not giving up. Here are the top 5 reasons I enjoy Logic Games: 1. They’re like sudoku. 2. It’s satisfying to make a […]

Weird Curveball LSAT Logic Games

Here’s a big list of Weird Curveball LSAT Logic Games. Don’t be surprised if you have more trouble than average with these. But they’re great practice for curveball games on LSAT Test Day. PT1, G1 PT2, G3 PT4, G4 PT6, G3 PT6, G4 PT8, G2 PT9, G4 PT10, G3 PT11, G4 PT12, G4 PT13, G4 […]

Conditional Sequencing in Logic Games

Starting with PrepTest 51 (December 2006), LSAC threw a twist into sequencing games (a basic type of Logic Game). It added “conditional sequencing” rules. Conditional means “If…then.” This post will explain what I consider the easiest rule of this type. Preptest 51, Game 2 Let’s look at the 4th rule of the 2nd game in PrepTest 51. […]