Harvard Law School Acceptance: Legally Blonde Video

In Legally Blonde, Elle Woods (played by Reese Witherspoon) gets a 179 on the LSAT and is accepted to Harvard Law School. The 1st person out there in LSAT Nation to leave a comment with the PrepTest # / date of the Logic Game described at 0:31 in this video gets a virtual fist-bump. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_9Pc1acaP_k

LSAT Prep While Working or in College

If you have a busy schedule with work or school and a halfway-decent social life, it’s difficult enough to manage everything. Add in LSAT prep, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. For this reason, start studying for the LSAT earlier than you think you’ll need to. Your elementary school book reports probably took longer than […]

Should You Cancel Your LSAT Score?

Hope the LSAT went well for you! If the LSAT might not have gone so well, read the below post, but also check out: Should You Retake the LSAT? LSAT Study Schedules for Retakers (scroll down) How to Study for a Retake One bad reason to cancel your LSAT score is that the LSAT has become such a […]

Self-Control: Smoking, Eating, and LSAT Prep

Studying for the LSAT is exhausting and time-consuming.   Why are some people able to study for hours on end while others can’t stand more than a half-hour at a time?   The answer may lie somewhere in the concept of “ego depletion.” Basically, the idea is that you only have a limited amount of […]

Can Playing This Memory Game Increase Your LSAT Score?

New research demonstrates that you might be able to increase your intelligence. Scientists had previously considered this to be impossible. The evidence (a study from 2008) suggests that by playing a game called “Dual N-Back,” kids were able to improve their nonverbal IQ scores by an average of 10 points. Basically, the game requires the […]

Law School: The Socratic Method

The below excerpt about the Socratic method is from Professor David Hricik’s Law School Basics (Amazon). The Socratic Method Law school classes are not taught like undergraduate courses. Instead of simply listening to a lecture and taking notes, law school classes—particularly most first-year classes—are taught using the so-called “Socratic method.” In the Socratic method, the […]

5 Reasons to Stay Motivated During LSAT Prep

Without an LSAT study group, it can get lonely in whatever study nook you’ve found. Even if you do have an LSAT study group, here are 5 reasons to continue studying even if you’re sick of it: 1. Surpass everyone’s expectations. Do even better on the LSAT than people expected and wow them. 2. The economy is in […]

Should You Retake The LSAT?

LSAT retake checklist

If you took the LSAT and are thinking about canceling your score, or you already got your score and it wasn’t what you wanted. Here are some thoughts on deciding whether to retake. (Also see How to Study for a Retake.) 1. Does your dream law school average multiple LSAT scores? Most law schools don’t average […]

LSAT Test Day: Breakfast and Snack Recommendations

An LSAT coaching student of mine emailed me: “Any tips on what to eat for breakfast the morning of the LSAT? I know you say to have a big breakfast, but what? And what do you suggest for the break and to drink?” At least one of the items pictured above is not part of […]

How to Speed Up on Timed Practice LSAT Exams

In the final month of your LSAT preparation, you should take full, timed, practice exams. Some of you have difficulty transitioning from untimed sections to timed ones. With the added pressure of timed 35-minute sections, sometimes you lose track of the fundamentals. This post will help you stick to them. Once you already have a […]