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Behind the Scenes with a Former LSAT Question-Writer | Free Book

If you’re reading this, you’re probably applying to law school. I know this process isn’t easy, and it can be incredibly frustrating at times. However, each year, many people overcome the hurdles and get into the law schools of their dreams. You ask yourself, how’d they do it?

What allows some to break into the 170s and achieve a top LSAT score?

I’ve found that it often comes down to these three things:

  • understanding not only how to use question-solving strategies, but why they work 
  • knowing how and why LSAC creates the LSAT the way it does
  • loving the LSAT, instead of writing it off as “stupid” because it “doesn’t test anything” 

To help you develop this understanding and appreciation, I’ve conducted several interviews with former LSAT question-writer and author of Mastering Logic Games, Stephen Harris.

In them, he shares all the details about his experience writing hundreds of the questions that appear in your LSAT PrepTest books.

Not only will you learn all about how LSAT questions get written, but you’ll also get answers to questions like these:

  • Can anyone master the LSAT? 
  • Is the LSAT relevant to law school? 
  • Is the LSAT culturally biased?

I’ve already published a series of interviews with Dr. Harris on the website, but they were never organized in any kind of easy-to-digest, logical format.

I wanted to make it easier to benefit from the insights these interviews contain.

To that end, I’ve put together a new book, “Behind the Scenes with a Former LSAT Question-Writer.”

You can download your copy for free.

I hope this book helps you get a top LSAT score.


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