Ellen’s LSAT Success Story

Ellen ended up with a 174 and got into Harvard Law So a little about me… I’m a 24 year old who’s undergoing serious life revisions. I graduated from Stanford with an English degree two years ago, and interned for a big theater in San Francisco in writing and research. This was fun, but I […]

JT’s LSAT Success Story

JT used the 5-month study plan, scored a 172, and got accepted to UVA Law After my first practice test, I thought that Logic Games were impossible; they were unlike anything I had seen before. I couldn’t keep track of any of the variables or rules and felt so frustrated. I stumbled across Steve’s blog […]

Kelly’s LSAT Success Story

Kelly subscribed to the LSAT Unplugged articles and scored a 170Where to begin…. LAW SCHOOL? BUT WHY? It seemed that in spite of a promising career in project management, I couldn’t help but get a giant pit in my stomach every time I heard about someone’s friend or cousin or acquaintance applying to law school […]

Rob’s LSAT Success Story

Rob switched up his LSAT strategy to overcome his score plateau. In my more youthful days, I had a good friend whose father had decided that the family should learn how to play golf. Every weekend, he would trudge out his two boys and dutiful wife to some nearby club for an hour or two at […]

Samson’s LSAT Success Story

LSAT Unplugged’s strategies on Logic Games helped Samson get a 174 and an acceptance into Yale Law I am an investment-banking analyst in New York City. I graduated from Duke in 2009. I decided to enter law school after two years on Wall Street. In fall 2010, I studied for the December LSAT. Balancing work […]

Jared’s LSAT Success Story

With the help of Steve’s coaching Jared increased his original LSAT score by 20+ points. When I first began my LSAT quest I was, like many law school hopefuls, overwhelmed with the immense quantity of LSAT prep books. I assumed from the beginning that not all LSAT prep materials were created equally—but with each prep company […]

Danielle’s LSAT Success Story

Danielle used the 2-month study plan, scored a 166 and got into Boston University, Cardozo and Fordham Law Schools Before I stepped foot in the second grade, I thought I had my entire life figured out, and I strayed little from my plan until last summer — when I was 21 years old. For as […]

Allison’s LSAT Success Story

Allison achieved a 15+ point jump from scoring in the 150s to getting a 170. I had every workbook, every practice test, every possible resource, and yet I felt really stuck a few months into studying for the LSAT. I was nowhere near my goal in terms of scoring, and I felt like I was […]