Sufficient Assumption Questions and the Negation Test

In my course, I discuss two common Logical Reasoning question types: Necessary Assumption and Sufficient Assumption. The negation test is a common strategy you can effectively use for Necessary Assumption questions. However, many test-takers like the technique so much, they try to use it for sufficient assumption questions also, often leading to disastrous consequences. Due to the difference […]

Arguments and Contrapositives | Necessary and Sufficient Assumptions

I spend a great deal of time talking about the difference between Necessary Assumption and Sufficient Assumption questions in my Logical Reasoning course. Arguments assume a link between the evidence and conclusion presented – this link can often easily be framed as a conditional statement. Because the contrapositive of this statement is simply a rewording of the […]

Difference Between Necessary & Sufficient Assumption Questions

Both Necessary Assumption and Sufficient Assumption questions contain the word “assumption” within the question stem. However, they ask for very different things. (Also see Sufficient Assumption Questions and the Negation Test.) This is why it’s misleading (and often confusing) to simply refer to both types under the catch-all category of “Assumption” questions.   Others refer […]

Sufficient Assumption Questions | Tips and Categorization

I’ve talked in another article about how Sufficient Assumption (Justify) questions are generally based in formal logic. This time, I’m going a bit further with this idea. I have analyzed every Sufficient Assumption question from LSAT PrepTests 19-58. I found the vast majority of these questions fall into one of the following 6 categories:   […]

Logical Reasoning | Sufficient Assumption (Justify) Questions

Many of you dislike formal logic Logical Reasoning questions, particularly Sufficient Assumption (aka Justify) questions. In this blog post, I’ll demonstrating my technique on a few of these questions. Unfortunately, the folks at LSAC are very strict about their intellectual property and wouldn’t allow me to post their LSAT questions online, so I’m only posting […]