2-Month LSAT Study Schedule / Plan

 2 months is a bit on the short side, but several of you requested a 2-month LSAT study schedule schedule, so here goes.I’ve reviewed all books and PrepTests below in my best LSAT prep books post. The following schedule is intense, but 2 months is less time than I’d recommend. If work/school/life obligations making anything […]

1-Month LSAT Study Schedule / Plan

Treat this as a sample 1-month LSAT prep schedule. However, please don’t take this post as an indication that I believe prepping in only a month is a good idea. I recommend a minimum of 3 months. With less than a month left, it’s time to crack down, so put the social life on hold. […]

Taking the LSAT in Afghanistan While in the Military

A few LSAT Blog readers have shared their stories about taking the LSAT while abroad, and/or while serving in the military. In this LSAT Diary, I share the story of Bryan, a U.S. Army paratrooper, who took the LSAT in rural Afghanistan. He just graduated from the University of Oregon Law School, where he spoke at […]

How to Study for a Retake

Or What to Do When You Run Out of PrepTests… Someone recently asked me, “What should you do if you have used a lot of your LSAT material already but need to retake?” Here are 7 tips for anyone in this common situation: 1. Redo practice tests. Even if you’ve done every PrepTest (you probably haven’t), you […]