Is LSAT Studying in the Early Morning Good?

early morning routine

Studying for the LSAT when you first wake up is not a good idea. It doesn’t matter whether you wake up in the morning or afternoon. Why? Because your brain needs time to get out of sleep mode. It’s called sleep inertia. One of my LSAT students emailed me with the following: I was trying to […]

LSAT Retake Study Schedule / Plan: Intense Version

intense study plan

I originally created the following 3-month LSAT study schedule for a student of mine. This student is preparing for an LSAT retake, has the goal of 170+, and is able to study for the LSAT full-time from now until Test Day. If you’re not preparing for a retake, use one of the other LSAT study plans. If […]

Retaking the LSAT Study Schedule

studying for the LSAT

Also see the Retake LSAT Study Schedule: Intensive So, you’re planning to retake the LSAT. It’s incredibly important to figure out what you did wrong the first time around and plan what you’ll do differently this time. Maybe you didn’t have enough time to study for the LSAT. Maybe you just didn’t use it wisely. I recommend a […]

LSAT Prep While Working or in College

LSAT prep while working

If you have a busy schedule with work or school and a halfway-decent social life, it’s difficult enough to manage everything. Add in LSAT prep, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. For this reason, start studying for the LSAT earlier than you think you’ll need to. Your elementary school book reports probably took longer than […]