10 Strategies for LSAT Reading Comprehension

Many people believe LSAT Reading Comprehension can’t be taught. Luckily, they’re mistaken. Consider this post your blueprint for Reading Comp. It even includes tips to help you deal with those newfangled Comparative Reading passages. 1. Look for the key words that indicate degree of certainty. Watch out for words like some, most, all, never, and […]

LSAT Reading Comprehension Passages: Easy As Harry Potter

LSAT Reading Comprehension doesn’t have to put you to sleep. “Yeah, right,” you say. “I read Harry Potter on the beach a few summers ago. But LSAT Reading Comp? That’s like reading Nietzsche or Derrida – even in translation, they don’t make sense!” That’s what they WANT you to think. LSAC wants you to see the passages […]

5 Hardest LSAT Reading Comprehension Passages

This list is focused on exams published 2000-2010. These make for great bathroom/beach reading. Enjoy! *** 1. PrepTest 35 (October 2001), Passage 4 – Ronald Dworkin and Legal Positivism vs. Moralism (p234 in Next 10) 2. PrepTest 49 (June 2006), Passage 4 – Maize 3. PrepTest 50 (October 2006), Passage 4 – Riddled Basins of Attraction 4. PrepTest 55 (October 2008), Passage 3 – Maxine Kingston […]