The LSAT Curve | Test-Equating at LSAC

There’s a lot of confusion about the LSAT’s curve. The LSAT is not actually scored to a curve, but most test-takers think it is. This series is my effort to explain LSAC’s process of test-equating, raw score conversions, percentiles, and why the test isn’t actually curved. Because I dislike statistics (and because most of you […]

Creating the LSAT’s Raw Score Conversion Chart (aka, the Curve)

Let’s suppose that, on a given exam, the 170-scorers got 12 questions wrong altogether on the 4 scored sections. That’s an average of 3 questions wrong per scored section. Let’s assume they got an average of 3 questions wrong on the games section. However, let’s say that a subset of those 170-scorers all took the […]