Law School: The Socratic Method

The below excerpt about the Socratic method is from Professor David Hricik’s Law School Basics (Amazon). The Socratic Method Law school classes are not taught like undergraduate courses. Instead of simply listening to a lecture and taking notes, law school classes—particularly most first-year classes—are taught using the so-called “Socratic method.” In the Socratic method, the […]

Is the LSAT Relevant to Law School? Question Writer Answers

I interviewed Stephen Harris, former LSAT question-writer and author of Mastering Logic Games. (He’s written hundreds of the questions that appear in your books of LSAT PrepTests.) This is part 7 of the series of interviews. You can also get them all in a free book I put together. Our discussion follows. *** Do you think […]

Law School Personal Statement Guide

I do a lot of LSAT prep here. After all, it’s in the name: The LSAT Unplugged  But as we all know, there’s more to getting into the law school of your dreams than just getting a killer score on the LSAT.  Today I wanted to highlight something I’ve put together to help you conquer that […]

LSAT Logic and Law School Spam

I hate spam. I even wrote an article making fun of spammers. I send emails on a schedule and sent out automatically- and that’s only if you’ve chosen to subscribe via email. I don’t do anything at all with them, and I have trouble just reading all the emails I receive, let alone responding to as many of […]