Princeton Review LSAT Logic Games Workout – Exposed

Why shouldn’t you use books containing fake (non-LSAC-written) LSAT questions? How is this possible if the questions are fake? The Princeton Review’s new LSAT Logic Games Workout book fails to mention that, in a way, it does use real LSAT questions. In fact, it implies that it doesn’t at the end of the second paragraph on page 1. However, this book […]

Kaplan LSAT Prep Book Review

I looked at a copy of a Kaplan LSAT prep book titled Kaplan LSAT 2010 Edition: Strategies, Practice, and Review. It consists of generic advice and 3 Kaplan-written, not LSAC-written, practice tests and explanations (despite the fact that the book’s table of contents claims that these are “Real LSAT Practice Tests and Explanations”). I spent a […]