How to Ace LSAT Logic Games | 7 Habits

Want to ace the LSAT Logic Games? You’ll need these skills to separate yourself from the pack. This is the 1st part of a 3-part series (read Logical Reasoning and Reading Comprehension articles) 1. See letters as variables, not people/things. Avoid thinking of the game’s “topic” and focus on relationships between letters instead. 2. Easily categorize. Quickly place logic […]

How to Ace Reading Comprehension | 7 Habits

1. Recognize the passage’s main point / opinion.Find the overarching theme of the passage. 2. Keep track of various opinions presented by individuals or groups.Understand the role that each paragraph plays in advancing each point of view. 3. Have a consistent and effective note-taking strategy.Read my LSAT Reading Comp note-taking advice so that you won’t have to re-read […]

How to Ace LSAT Logical Reasoning | 7 Habits

1. Analyze the stimulus for structure, NOT content.Break apart stimulus into evidence, conclusion, filler, counterpremise, etc. It’s about the stimulus’ structure and whether or not it’s valid, not the stimulus’ topic.   2. Have an “eagle eye” for details.Read EVERY word in the stimulus and answer choices carefully. Many of the wrong answer choices are […]