Your LSAT score is the most important part of your law school application.

I’ll help you master the concepts underlying each question without wasting any time.

Like most aspiring lawyers, I never thought I’d become a professional LSAT coach.

In fact, I saw the LSAT as a major roadblock standing in the way of my dream: to get into law school and become a successful attorney.

I wasn’t going to let some test stand in my way, so I set aside a few months. I studied every LSAT book I could find and every LSAT question ever released.

My scores gradually increased from the low 150s to the high 160s, but I didn’t stop there. I kept studying until I felt confident about every question, eventually reaching the high 170s and scoring 175 on test day.

I filled entire notebooks with the lessons I learned during my LSAT journey. Before long I had friends, and acquaintances, and eventually complete strangers, asking me to show them how I did it. And I loved helping them overcome the “LSAT roadblock” and achieve their dreams.

I started coaching the LSAT but wanted to do even more, so I created LSAT Blog and LSAT Unplugged to demystify the test for future lawyers everywhere.

I haven’t looked back since.

Over more than a decade, I’ve helped thousands of students get into the law schools of their dreams, win large scholarships, and become successful attorneys.