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Difficult LSAT Logical Reasoning Questions

Here’s a list of several Logical Reasoning questions in LSAT PrepTests that my students often ask me to explain.

The number of questions listed per PrepTest/section should not be taken as an indication of the PrepTest’s/section’s overall difficulty. The questions I’ve listed are simply those that jumped out at me when flipping through each of these exams.


PrepTest 43 – June 2004 LSAT

S2, Q15 – government prevent cigarettes advertised, fatty foods
S2, Q16 – natural beauty, older local industries, regional economies
S2, Q18 – health education, propaganda
S3, Q9 – lecturers, effective teachers, eccentric, good communicators
S3, Q13 – sun dimmer, oceans frozen
S3, Q20 – computer microprocessor design flaws

PrepTest 44 – October 2004 LSAT

S2, Q11 – Euclidean geometry
S2, S13 – environmental problems, government mismanagement, consumer habits
S2, Q17 – hummingbird, goose, ostrich, eggs
S4, Q17 – ice ages, cosmic dust clouds, sun’s orbit
S4, S18 – happiness, desires, compulsions, consequences

PrepTest 45 – December 2004 LSAT

S1, Q12 – dioxin, fish, reproductive abnormalities, river
S1, Q21 – geological record, meteor impacts, mass extinctions
S1, Q23 – morally right, best consequences
S1, Q24 – DNA samples and tests, exoneration
S4, Q18 – decentralization, large institutions function autonomously
S4, Q20 – 9-year-olds, major cigarette brand logos
S4, Q22 – jazz recordings, CDs, radio
S4, Q25 – vague staff review regulations

PrepTest 46 – June 2005 LSAT

S2, Q19 – babies, musical intervals
S2, Q20 – difficult exams and questions comparison, professors
S2, Q23 – kind, happy, love
S3, Q17 – computer professor evaluations
S3, Q22 – increase in # of old people, average age
S3, Q24 – money doesn’t really exist

PrepTest 47 – October 2005 LSAT

S1, Q19 – live vs. inactivated polio vaccine
S1, Q22 – pesticides banned in U.S.
S1, Q26 – 1st-graders handwriting/composition skills
S3, Q21 – fitness consultant, cigarettes, clients
S3, Q23 – TV, paranormal, public’s scientific understanding

PrepTest 48 – December 2005 LSAT

S1, Q19 – biology professors, bias, administrative positions
S1, Q24 – voters, join, donate, party viable?
S4, Q21 – community succeed, face unpleasant realities
S4, Q23 – managers, time management seminars/skills
S4, Q25 – psychological problems, behavioral therapy sessions

PrepTest 49 – June 2006 LSAT

S2, Q18 – nature, organic, holistic, nonlinear
S2, Q25 – public disclosure of investments
S4, Q16 – beauty, truth, most realistic art
S4, Q24 – Compujack computer programmer salaries

PrepTest 50 – September 2006 LSAT

S2, Q18 – toddlers, prefrontal cortex, rules
S2, Q21 – seafood, restaurant, illness, bacteria
S2, Q24 – acid rain, pollutants
S4, Q19 – smokers, heart disease, caffeinated beverages
S4, Q24 – asteroid, Yucatan peninsula, triceratops

PrepTest 51 – December 2006 LSAT

S1, Q20 – experienced salespeople, quota
S1, Q21 – sliding glass doors, summer vs. colder months
S3, Q12 – environmental articles, newspapers, orthodoxy
S3, Q18 – bacteria, flagellum, survival advantage

June 2007 LSAT (Unnumbered – Free PDF)

S2, Q17 – computer experts, significant threats
S2, Q19 – Land Party, rural, economic problems
S2, Q23 – morally right, wrong, well-being
S3, Q19 – candidates, governmental intrusion
S3, Q25 – human species, diverse array of environments

PrepTest 52 – September 2007 LSAT

S1, Q16 – extraterrestrials, UFOs
S1, Q21 – Iliad, Odyssey, Homer
S1, Q24 – intensive pasteurization of apple juice
S3, Q16 – hospitals, recovery rates, length of stay
S3, Q25 – studying distant past

PrepTest 53 – December 2007 LSAT

S1, Q8 – children, night lights, nearsightedness
S1, Q18 – salesperson, successful, client base
S1, Q21 – trees blossom, April/May rainfall
S3, Q18 – preserving nature, beauty, moral value
S3, Q25 – short meetings, relevant issues

PrepTest 54 – June 2008 LSAT

S2, Q23 – Southgate Mall, Mattress Madness
S2, Q26 – government, new severe weather sirens
S4, Q20 – TV Meteorologist, weather forecast, reliable
S4, Q21 – witnesses, inaccuracies, cross-examination

PrepTest 55 – October 2008 LSAT

S1, Q15 – Zack’s Coffeehouse, free poetry readings
S1, Q21 – TV shows, funding, advertisers
S1, Q25 – 20th-century art, great art, influential, original
S3, Q18 – children’s cognitive development
S3, Q19 – ideal bureaucracy, regulations
S3, Q25 – mathematics department, course

PrepTest 56 – December 2008 LSAT

S2, Q14 – overconfident entrepreneurs
S2, Q19 – literature, physics ,art, rhetoric
S2, Q24 – Byzantine Empire, lead seals
S3, Q16 – trust, happiness, meaningful emotional connection
S3, Q23 – summer day, temperature, humidity

PrepTest 57 – June 2009 LSAT

S2, Q12 – criminal organizations, generate profits
S2, Q24 – poem, contradictory ideas, author
S2, Q25 – mayoral campaign contributions, Weston
S3, Q14 – nonfat food labeling
S3, Q20 – moral action, securing mutual benefit
S3, Q23 – mitters, brushes, car washes

PrepTest 58 – September 2009 LSAT

S1, Q24 – bear population, preserve, valley
S1, Q25 – wig, handmade components, human hair
S4, Q23 – linear craters, volcanoes, meteorites
S4, Q24 – genuine creative genius, popular viewpoints

PrepTest 59 – December 2009 LSAT

S2, Q20 – quality control investigator, defective samples
S2, Q25 – luminous Sun, carbon dioxide, oceans
S3, Q19 – understanding word, knowing definition, babies
S3, Q20 – peppered moths avoiding predators
S3, Q21 – QWERTY keyboard, typewriters

PrepTest 60 – June 2010 LSAT

S1, Q13 – financial rewards, incentives in choosing jobs
S1, Q16 – buying old cars, reducing air pollution
S1, Q23 – laws against libel, public figures’ reputations
S3, Q12 – labeling “miniature” fruit trees
S3, Q19 – sea butterflies, predation, compounds
S3, Q24 – sales of underground rock group’s recordings