Reuters Reports: ““The number of people applying for admission to law school this fall SURGED NEARLY 13%, making it the LARGEST YEAR-OVER-YEAR PERCENTAGE INCREASE since 2002…” And students with LSAT scores from 175 to 180 MORE THAN DOUBLED LAST CYCLE…

Experts everywhere agree…


How Do YOU Plan To Stand

Out In The Coming “Lawyer


“LSAT Unplugged” Presents:

The ONLY Law School Prep Course That Guarantees You’ll Score In The Top 10% (Or Your Money Back)! Taught By A Current Harvard 3L…

Doors Open This Week Only


Whether you’re going to a top-tier school or not…

You already know it’ll be cutthroat…

You already know you’ll be graded on a curve (against the most ACCOMPLISHED students you’ve ever met)…

And you already know if you DON’T graduate top of class (at least in the top half), you’re HANDICAPPING your future career prospects.

When law schools get THIS COMPETITIVE…

…It spells a major challenge for anyone taking this rite of passage now. And as the number of law students increases, the schools happily take them on.

Many don’t maintain class sizes at all. Hey, they like the revenue, right?

So you’re already going head to head with a VERY tough crowd… And when there are more people in the pool, it’s harder to swim to the top!

Plus The Legal Job Market Has Tanked Since The Recession…

These problems began in the last “Lawyer Bubble” in 2008. But the economy continues to go through dramatic ups and downs.

The legal job market plummeting right with it…

(Don’t even get me started on COVID.)

Technology is– disrupting the market too. Eliminating entry-level jobs grads previously depended on to get a foot in the door…

…Even as overseas competition peaks to a whole new level. Tempting employers to outsource lower-level work abroad instead of hiring US-based grads.

So, sure… You’ve got at least 3 years before you actually start work…BUT

…If more people are applying for law school now, there WILL be more rookies practicing law later too. At the exact time you’re launching your new career.

Look, I’m NOT Trying to Talk You Out Of Law School


(The Most Prestigious Firms STILL Pay $200K Per Year Or More For Entry-Level Associates)

Yes, the media IS reporting a “Law School Bubble.”

And yes, 1L is more competitive than ever…

But at the same time, law firms all around the country are complaining that IT’S TOUGHER THAN EVER TO FIND WORTHY NEW HIRES… What can this contradiction mean??

It means you can STILL build a bright future in law…BUT

…You better stand out as upcoming legal talent! And you better be ready to hustle and grind THE RIGHT WAY from the first day of 1L!

Imagine Showing Up With An Edge Over Everyone Else In The Classroom…

How you set yourself up in 1L dictates what the next 3 years of law school will look like…

Imagine walking into class having ALREADY PRACTICED for that very moment…

Imagine winning from your very first day… Engaging with confidence as your peers attempt to disappear into their seats, afraid to be called on and eventually dropping from “the paper chase” one by one… As YOU conquer goal by goal and leave them in your wake…

Imagine graduating top 10% of your class (something we GUARANTEE!) in 1L and beyond….That smile on your face and the swell of pride on graduation day, maybe even with honors…

Imagine proving you have what it takes… To yourself, your parents, your friends, your teachers, and anyone who tried to talk you out of law school… And not only that but CRUSHING IT… Even during the “Law School Bubble.”

Imagine walking away after Year 3 with your degree, thinking, “Yes, I did it! I’m on the right path. Now what’s next?”

And imagine all that hard work turning into a REAL FUTURE… Landing the job you REALLY WANT (instead of the ‘best you can get”)… Paying off your debt faster than you thought possible… And marching on to your dreams…

Hi, I’m Steve Schwartz Of “LSAT Unplugged”

You probably know me as the creator and CEO of our popular LSAT course and YouTube channel. Where I’ve helped thousands of students crush the LSAT with top scores.

And begin promising journeys into the legal field…

We’ve done more to help people with “LSAT Unplugged” over the past 15 years than I ever could have imagined…

If you don’t know about our record already, have a look at what people say about our work.

Miranda Cook

From 159 to 167

“Just wanted to say thank you. I’ve made breakthrough after breakthrough thanks to your Logic Games course, and all the material you have available. It was all worth its weight in gold, and I truly admire you and appreciate what you are doing! I could not afford a Kaplan course, but even if I could have, I would have been crazy to choose it over your material. I will be recommending you to anyone and everyone I know that is taking the LSAT. Thank you again!!!”

Natalie B

From 155 to 170

“Your email reminded me to check and I got a 170!! I am very excited about this score!! Thank you so much for all of your help along the way- I would have never reached my dream of breaking into the 170s without you!

See result >>

Close result >>

James Ticknor

From 156 to 168

“Your courses were INVALUABLE — especially during one of the most competitive admissions cycles in recent memory. I have no doubt that obtaining a high LSAT score was critical. I’m also perfectly happy to forego anonymity and let the world know that you helped me secure a future that undoubtedly enhanced my life.”

See result >>

Close result >>

Judy Wang

From 161 to 171

Admitted to Columbia Law School

“I am excited to tell you that I got a 171! Thank you for the past three months. I feel like I can finally breathe now.”

See result >>

Close result >>

March 9, 2021

Dear Judy Wang:

Congratulations! I am thrilled to inform you that you have been admitted to the Class of 2024 at Columbia Law School. Your admission is in recognition of your academic and professional achievements, talents, meaningful contributions, and personal strengths.

Columbia is a very special place to pursue a legal education – in no small part due to the exceptional legal training we provide, remarkable students like you, and our incomparable location. Columbia offers a challenging yet supportive environment where theory and practice converge; where teaching by renowned scholars is the cornerstone of the academic experience; and where opportunities to immerse in the legal intricacies affecting communities locally and internationally abound. Our students are bright, engaged, wildly talented, and pride themselves on the reciprocal, dynamic process of learning from one another. Their varied sense of community engendered on campus from the moment the entering class arrives each fall. The Law School campus is a vibrant atmosphere for students, faculty, and administrators alike, while New York City – the crossroads of law, media, advocacy, finance, and culture – provides a larger campus for learning and innovation.

Columbia Law School students graduate ready to address cutting-edge issues on day one. Not simply because their interest and aspirations are nurtured by our attentive career and professional development offices, but also due to the experiential learning opportunities that teach our students to be effective, ethical lawyers. For hands-on practical training, you will have access to more than 25 Externships in the public, private, and government spheres; benefit from the guidance of full-time faculty in 8 Clinics; participate on award-winning Moot Court teams; and engage in innovative Policy Labs, ranging from Structural Change in Public Education to Lawyer Leadership.

We hope you will join us for our Virtual Admitted Student Program scheduled for March 31 – April 1. If you are unable to attend, please consider the other options to engage with various members of our community mentioned on the Website.


Hi Steve,

It’s so kind of you to check in. I was planning on sending you an email tomorrow morning (It’s 3am here) but all this adrenaline is keeping me up so I might as well send it now – I GOT 170! My first and only time taking it and I can’t believe I got 170 when I started at a 153.

I cried and ran around the house doing high kicks for 15 minutes after I saw my score. I’m so so so happy. I know I couldn’t have made it here without your course, your unwavering support and the LSAT Unplugged Community. I really can’t thank you and all the other students enough.

Now that I’m done with this part of the journey, I’m more than ready to pass on the support and generosity that was shown to me. Please let me know if there are any ways I can help out!

Kindest regards,

But Even As Our Students Leave The LSAT In The Dust, I Constantly Hear Back About How Overwhelmed They Are At Law School…

“At times, you may feel that you have found the correct answers. I assure you that this is a total delusion on your part. You will never find the correct, absolute, and final answer. In my classroom, there is always another question, another question to follow your answer.”

– Professor Kingsfield, “The Paper Chase”

It’s Not Like College. It’s Not Like The LSAT. It’s Something Radically Different.

Look, 1L Is BRUTAL!

Drowning in lectures, case briefs, issue spotting, research, not to mention mountains of reading. It’s overwhelming pressure!

What you do in class RARELY resembles what you get tested on (don’t forget the entire semester relies on the Final too)… And there’s no real feedback until it’s too late. Most people wait until after the big exam to figure out THEY DON’T KNOW WHAT THEY’RE DOING at all!

The LSAT was really just a test.

If you’re smart enough to pass, yes, you probably DO have what it takes to succeed in law school. But you STILL have to learn the rules of a brand new game when you get there!

The students who come back complaining are diligent and hardworking folks (maybe just like you). They all got great scores and were accepted into the schools they wanted. But once they get to law school, they barely have a life at all!

Combine that with this crazy “Lawyer Bubble” they’re reporting in the news…

…I decided it was finally time to create a course that can support you on this next stage of your journey.

One that helps you avoid that drowning feeling when you enter 1L… Allows you to have AN ACTUAL LIFE outside of school…

…While still rocking your grades, even graduating in the top 10%!

In Law School There’s A Giant Difference Between The Haves And The Have Nots

There’s the “Top Guns”…. And everyone else…

Which one will YOU be? Because you better believe the true Top Guns are ALREADY PREPARING…
They’re going to show up, they’re going to know what they need to know ALREADY, they’re going to be CONFIDENT in their ability… And because of that they’re going to crush it all the way through 3L!

These accomplished students are ALREADY doing their homework…

…Probably right this very second!

Do YOU want to score at the top of the class?

Holding your head up high as you make your friends and family proud? And open up your future to the elite jobs that make law school worth the struggle? Would you like to pay off your debt in record time as you take off on a SUCCESSFUL career?

Do you want to be one of these Top Guns?

…Or do you want to sit in the back of the room and watch the well-prepped students work their magic while the rest of the class hems and haws and falls apart?

Don’t become one of the thousands upon thousands who “middle out” in law school and walk away unemployed.

Become one of the UPPER ECHELON…

…Starting NOW.

Introducing “Law School Unplugged”

1L may be one of the most important years of your life!

And there’s no time to be a slow starter in this competitive “Lawyer Bubble!”

Because it takes MERE WEEKS to become irretrievably behind!

Don’t just jump in blind…

When you take “Law School Unplugged”… you’ll get the skills to crush it all the way through your first final exams.

“Law School Unplugged” sits on one core principle.

If we can give you the tools for taking on law school BEFORE you get there, you can coast into 1L well ahead of your peers.

With an edge to stand out, tools to crush your final exams, and everything you need to set sights on top jobs from the first day of class…

If that’s the headstart you want, “Law School Unplugged” is what you need.

Taught By An NYU Law School Grad!

All the Zoom classes you’ll attend during this “flight simulator” style course will be taught by our Law School Prep instructor and NYU Law School Grad, Jacob.

Jacob is an NYU Law School Grad with experience in Constitutional Law and International Tax.

And because these classes are taught by an NYU Law School Grad…

…You get a chance to learn from someone who’s ALREADY gone through the process at one of the most reputable schools out there! He made his mistakes along the way, but figured out how to do it…

…And now he’ll pass those lessons on to YOU. So you can “stand on his shoulders” to LEAP ahead of your class!


Master The Socratic Method Without Having To “Sink Or Swim”

“Law School Unplugged” Recreates The Classroom Environment With LIVE INTERACTION In A Safe Space (Imagine A “Flight Simulator” For Law Students)

Our group class sessions use the same discussion format law school is notorious for…

…But WITHOUT the intense atmosphere, where professors seem like formidable opponents. You’ll develop the right skillset and know what to expect BEFORE you walk into that intimidating culture…

Nobody in a “Law School Unplugged” class will make you feel like an idiot. But you’ll still learn how to adapt to the classic Socratic Method EXPERIENCE.

We’ve all watched those moments in movies where the professor randomly picks a student to skewer in front of the entire room. Their faces going beet red, the sweating and squirming, and the nervous chuckles in the back (from students who are glad it wasn’t their turn this time)…

Everybody goes through it!

But in this course you learn that process in a supportive environment. Where no one embarrasses you. And you never have to meet these online students again if you don’t want to!

Feel safe to ask your questions and learn the material without that notorious stress, in an environment where nothing is too stupid to ask.

And walk away with the legal skills to DOMINATE when you show up for the real thing.


Show Up To Law School With Everything You Need To Win

Get straight down to what REALLY matters… Instead of Googling your face off on wild goose chases that take you FURTHER OFF TRACK…. You won’t waste any time on unnecessary details, fluff, or misguided “hacks”… Instead you can put all your energy into what matters while peers scramble to figure out where to start…

Get top grades in 1L (the MOST IMPORTANT semester in law school)… So you can start off on the right foot… And continue scoring the highest marks all the way to graduation… Set yourself up as the “top legal talent” prestigious firms come looking for!

When to listen to your professor and when NOT to listen to your professor… Some of them really do see it as their DUTY to throw you off… But after you take “Law School Unplugged” you’ll know exactly how to cut through the noise and dodge their well-laid traps… So you can give your professor what they actually want (instead of what they say they want)…

Show up to every class prepared… So you can engage in the Socratic Method with confidence… Eliminate the pressure and engage in discussions at a level that gets you NOTICED…

How to study properly when nothing you’ve ever learned about studying seems to apply anymore… The immense power in knowing that every case is designed to teach you something specific about the law (plus how decipher what your professor’s really trying to reveal to you)… And why learning to argue BOTH sides of a case is WAY MORE IMPORTANT than arguing to win…

Master the law school culture from the beginning… How to network… How to make smart career moves while still in school…How to get on a law review… And how to leverage your top 10% status in 1L to conquer law school and pop that “Lawyer Bubble”…

Save hours of reading every night and cut the time you spend on legal research and writing assignments… Our proven time management strategies reveal what to take seriously (and what can you let slide)… So you can actually have a life outside your studies!

Get such good grades you stand in a league of your own… When you become so good they can’t ignore you, you can get prestigious clerkships, make the law review, and finish top of class… So you can go on to live out the dreams that make this journey worth embarking on…

Get the “inside scoop” from a Harvard 3L (instead of depending on watered-down advice from law school professors who enjoy seeing students suffer)… What you do in class rarely resembles what you get tested on… And there’s no real feedback until it’s too late… But thanks to this course you won’t have to wait until the exam to figure out what’s going on!

Interaction with other pre-law students via live zoom classes, small groups, accountability partners, and “Law School Unplugged” message boards… You’ll ask your questions and get answers… You’ll forge relationships with other ambitious students who see the value in preparing ahead…

Plus Insider Strategies, Tools, And Techniques To Get Top Scores Consistently!

Everything you’ll need to know about Property, Torts, Criminal Law, Constitutional Law, Contracts, Civil Procedure, Legal Writing, and Legislation & Regulation (and everything you don’t need to know so you can save your time, focus, and energy)…

Law School 1L Prep Cheat Sheets, Checklists, and Guides you can use as navigational tools to not just get you through 1L BUT march you right to the top of the mountain when you take your finals…

ACTUAL copies of class notes and slides from PREVIOUS LAW SCHOOL STUDENTS…

The “Triage Method” for deciding the most important high-yield material to focus on when reading cases…So you study SMARTER, not harder… You’ll know which parts you can skim or disregard… And you’ll be able to save your attention while ramping up your productivity…

A secret weapon that puts you so far ahead of the competition you’ll almost feel sorry for the people who didn’t properly learn to brief cases BEFORE law school started…

Study methods that produce better results (in less time and with less stress)…

Master case briefs with the IRAC method from our bonus mini-course… You’ll have all the tools you need for organized, logical legal thought…Impress your professors with well-reasoned legal arguments that make it seem like you’ve ALREADY been to law school before! Answer exam questions with CONFIDENCE by analyzing legal cases with easy-to-understand mental frameworks…

Boost your performance with LESS STUDYING by gaining competency in legal reasoning… Thanks to this course, you’ll be able to identify the most important legal question in any context… And plow through ambiguity instead of getting lost in the weeds…

Outline an issue as clearly and concisely as possible without unnecessary facts or “bloat”… Don’t be that student who blabs to get more words on the page (you’re not fooling anyone!)… You’ll be able to break down the facts of legal issues efficiently by instantly clearing up muddy and complex patterns…

A “legal legends method” for answering problems when there are too many issues to be addressed… Don’t get overwhelmed or sidetracked by sneaky professor misdirection…

Law school exam techniques professors SHOULD teach you, but don’t…

Unravel the “Law School Paradox” and discover why what got you to law school won’t get you to graduation… The techniques that led to your success up to this point will hold you back from succeeding in law school… But not once you understand how to play the game professors want you to play…

How to analyze what your professors say and do so you become so good at spotting themes that you know what’s coming even before you’re given an assignment…

Save time by knowing what you should ACTUALLY be reading… So many students waste time reading every single thing the professor tells them to… But once we explain the method for determining what’s necessary and what’s irrelevant… You’ll be able to read only what you have to… And save priceless time and mental energy…

Why law school is so confusing… And how to avoid busy work (like briefing cases) when you don’t need to… Instead you can determine the black letter law… And read cases faster than you ever thought possible…

Follow a road map for law school success… Any time you get stumped, you’ll have a logical framework to fall back on that will lead you to a successful handling of any legal analysis…

Time-tested law exam prep strategies… Like how to PROPERLY handle the volume of material from the first day of class… So you don’t fall behind and can show up ready to crush the final (instead of trying to cram it all in at the end)…

The secrets to taking on boring hundred-year-old cases with impenetrable language that seems totally irrational… While other students yank out their hair you’ll be able to relax and even start to ENJOY legal analysis…

Pattern-spotting tricks so you can decipher which rules of law apply and when…

You’ll Also Join A Community Of Like-Minded Peers:

With Intimate Small Group Interaction!

“Law School Unplugged” is a cohort-based course taught in a small group setting, using Zoom calls to recreate the classroom experience (without the pressure). And a message board where you can interact with all the other members too… Sharing knowledge, tips, and experiences with other folks ready to crush 1L along with you.

These are AMBITIOUS students who understand the value of preparing in advance for that extra edge (like you do)! An invaluable network of people who know what you’re going through in a way family and friends never could…

With Accountability Groups!

You’ll also work with other students together in study groups before and after class, so there will be plenty of other opportunities to create relationships here. Form accountability partnerships to challenge each other and ensure everyone stays on track…

…You may even find these relationships invaluable AFTER “Law School Unplugged” is finished. A solid core network you can email or call anytime you need extra support…

With A No-Competition Environment!

Remember, the odds of anyone in this program actually being in your school are slim… Instead, you’ll be preparing with students from all over the country, going to law schools at every level. And because you’re NOT in direct competition with each other, you can collaborate and share in a way you might not be able to in 1L.

On the rare chance someone from your real class DOES take the program with you… Well, won’t you at least be glad you prepared as much as they did?!

IRAC Method Mini-Course – A “Secret Weapon” For Practicing Lawyers Everywhere

Like most pre-law students, you’ve heard of IRAC already…BUT …

Like most pre-law students you probably have very little understanding of what’s under the hood (and they will NOT teach this in class).

The IRAC method organizes legal thought so you can pick it apart and present arguments in a clear and orderly fashion.

As a law student, you will be confronted with complex fact patterns and legal analysis on a daily basis. The IRAC Method is your go-to framework for breaking down the facts of each case into their simplest components.

Mastering this method will significantly boost THE QUALITY OF YOUR LEGAL WRITING.

Since law school exams are ALL ABOUT writing… The ability to construct these well-reasoned arguments will IMPRESS LAW PROFESSORS and help you SCORE AT THE TOP OF YOUR CLASS…

The IRAC Method Is The Conceptual Structure Upon Which All Legal Arguments Are Built

The number one reason for underperformance in Finals is not knowing how to use THIS TOOL properly.

It’s like only knowing how to use the call function on your smartphone — you’re missing out on so much more!


This mini-course removes the mystery and confusion from legal jargon instantly. It’s like finding the “power up” in a video game that catapults you multiple levels ahead!

(This bonus alone is worth 10 times the price of “Law School Unplugged!”)

Take It From Other 1Ls Who’ve Already Sampled Our IRAC Mini-Course

“The course helped me break down legal problems into methodical answers.”

Michael Kalisa

“Amazing! Now, I can answer law school questions with confidence.”

Joshua M. Quendangan

“Great examples of how to improve my application of IRAC exams. Thank you!”

Joseph Morse

“Every step of the IRAC method was thoroughly presented with relevant examples and tips for gaining higher grades. The course is excellent and desirable for any law students or legal practitioners wishing to practically improve the IRAC method.”

James Rodgers

“Extremely clear and easy to follow. I feel a lot more confident in my responses and in preparing for exams. A must for law school students. Thank-you so much!!”

Sonia Smiles

“Thanks for an excellent course – really useful techniques and tips.”

Alistair Scahill

“First time I have had the IRAC methodology clearly explained!”

Christopher Skeet

“Excellent resource! I really need this. Thank you.”

Craig Marriott

Wouldn’t It Be Amazing To Crush It At 1L While STILL Having A Life Outside Of Studies?

Exceptional 1L Students Don’t Necessarily Work Harder Than Anyone Else

What REALLY sets Top Gun law school students apart? From those who spin their wheels in 1L and beyond, never really achieving their dreams?

It’s much simpler than you’d think!

Brains are a good start but what makes a CHAMPION in the legal world is PLANNING AHEAD. Studying smarter, NOT harder. Achieving balance as a result. And having the mental space to function at your best!

Because 1Ls who DON’T prepare like this…

…Do NOTHING until the very last minute.

And THEN they’re pulling all nighters. And THEN they’re stressed out. And THEN they’re tearing their hair out. And THEN they’re getting obsessed WHEN IT’S ALREADY TOO LATE (trying to do it all at once like they did back in undergrad).

But law school isn’t like college, where you can just cram the paper the night before and get great grades. If you don’t figure that out NOW… …You’re setting yourself up for MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT.

It’s All About Knowing How To Properly Apply Yourself…

Top Guns save time (and sanity) by taking initiative before entering 1L. They enjoy the best of both worlds: crushing law school while still having a life doing what they want.

What are their secrets?

The concepts, the frameworks, the legal thought processes, the study habits, the learning methods you’ll learn in “Law School Unplugged”…

Get an advantage over your competitors without being consumed by never-ending schoolwork, countless cases, and legal docs. You won’t be cramming pages and pages into your head night after night just for a slightly better grade. You’ll have time for friends, family, and hobbies.

And best of all, you’ll gain an edge BEFORE entering law school, so you’ll never mutter the words, “I wish I knew then what I know now.”

And yes, you’ll actually be able to HAVE A NORMAL LIFE as you conquer your dreams.

It’s Like No Other Law School Prep “Tool” You’ll Possibly Find! Why?


“Law School Unplugged” Is Taught By A Harvard 3L!

We have over 15 years experience helping students crush the LSAT, but we’re new to the Law School prep space. So what makes “Law School Unplugged” so special?

Well, some companies bring pretentious brands (which you pay for in their prices) and a lot of experience to this space… Even big name professors…

But some professors and professional groups act like they have a “sacred duty” to retain the mystery and confusion students experience in 1L.

Hey, I respect that but at the same time it’s silly! It’s just not an efficient teaching style, for one, and we should have thrown it out a long time ago. But we keep putting law students through the gauntlet because of “tradition” (or whatever).

That ISN’T what’s going to help you in your ACTUAL legal career! What’s going to help you is knowing how to be A LEGAL THINKER. And knowing how to prepare in advance when the law puts challenges in front of you.

…This course is taught by an NYU Law School Grad WHO JUST WENT THROUGH WHAT YOU’RE ABOUT TO EXPERIENCE!

There’s no misguided ethos tied to making your life more difficult than it needs to be. Instead you can find out EXACTLY what to expect. From someone who recently went through the ringer (and knows EXACTLY what you’re up against in this current educational climate).

But what really makes this course more special is…


“Law School Unplugged” Features Live Interactive Classes!

These other big name courses are mostly just video libraries that go over some of the basic study principles and legal concepts. Important stuff, and we do the same.

But what really makes this experience special is the “flight simulator” concept, where you get a chance to experience the Socratic Method BEFORE you sit down in your first actual classroom. Without the crazy pressure, without the intimidating professor, and without ANYONE trying to trip you up…

End result is you show up having practiced this already… And you’ll be fully prepared to start winning right out of the gate!


“Law School Unplugged” ISN’T Based On Hacks Or Shortcuts!

If you spend all your time scouring internet forums, rely on second-hand info from friends, or wait until you get to school to prepare… You’ll end up on a lot of wild goose chases.

Misinformation, anyone?

Every new crop of 1Ls thinks they can “game” the system and shortcut their way through law school. But at the end of the day, even things like outlines are just “tools,” not some secret hack.

This course is comprehensive and gives you time-proven, world-tested strategies for dominating in law school…

… Based on what school is ACTUALLY like.


“Law School Unplugged” Is A COMMUNITY EXPERIENCE!

So while you’re learning and attending classes, you’ll also be interacting and working with your peers.

Do NOT underestimate the power of the TEAM you’ll inherit when you join “Law School Unplugged.” Again, this isn’t just a video library of law principles you consume in your own time.

Thanks to the interactive nature of our weekly Zoom classes, the message boards, the accountability groups, the study buddies… You’ll have an entire network to collaborate and share notes with… And these are people who aren’t in direct competition with you… So no real reason to hold back…

This could be a chance to forge career connections that last a lifetime!

Time Is Running Out…


Doors Closing Soon!

All our most important courses operate on a closing door policy.

I do this because it’s the best way I can think to get you off the fence.

The biggest thing I see holding 1L students back is procrastination (or not preparing at all). So I purposely use scarcity to get people off the fence… Hey, sue me! 😉

And because I’m THAT confident “Law School Unplugged” will make your entire career!

(And no, don’t message me after the doors close, giving me cute excuses and begging to be let in. I won’t do it! It’s SUPER IMPORTANT to me that you get the help you need, but if I don’t honor this system, the “kick in the pants” of a closing door loses its power with all our students.)

I know this is a bit of tough love, but if that’s what it takes to drive more students to action, I’m willing to do it….

So How Much Will It Cost To Prepare For 1L Before 1L Starts?

(A lot cheaper than you think! And by jumping on this now you’ll get it cheaper than it’ll ever be again…)

Because this is our newest course, we’re offering a “never again” discount to get people in the door and rack up some successes fast. So by signing up NOW, you’ll save BIG.

And it will NEVER be this cheap again.

“Law School Unplugged” is $297/month for a limited time.

You’ll get to sit in on our live “flight simulator” style law prep classes and practice the Socratic Method pressure-free…along with all the on-demand videos, course downloads, the community, AND recordings of our previous classes.

It’s the ultimate training experience for anyone who wants to dominate law school from Day 1! This package includes everything above the basic membership… PLUS the live Zoom classes.

Don’t wait until you’ve ALREADY at 1L before you know what it feels like. By going through this in a safe environment (where it won’t count against you in real life), you can master this learning style now… AND SHOW UP LEAGUES AHEAD OF YOUR PEERS.

Important Note: We do offer a couple scholarships you should know about. I give a 10% scholarship for anyone who commits to practicing law in the public interest.

I also give a 50% scholarship for anyone with an LSAC fee waiver. As well as active or former military service members. Contact me here if you’d like to claim a scholarship.

Not Sure If It’s Worth Paying To Prepare For Law School?

College AVE says the average “law student can expect to pay anywhere from $87,222 (in-state, public school) to $153,804 (private school) and up”

If you also count opportunity costs for NOT WORKING while you study… The fact that many students fail, drop out, or don’t do well enough to even get a legal job when they leave…

…The cost could theoretically be WAY higher!

Not to mention all that undergrad debt. And you haven’t even started your career yet!

Bottom line: you’ll want to get a great job out of the gate and start paying that off as soon as possible. Well, that’s what this course is all about!

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