Corey’s Success Story

Thanks to the LSAT Unplugged study plan, Corey got a 161 on the October 2012 LSAT Corey’s LSAT Diary A bit about me…  – I’m a divorced dad (have custody 1 night/week and every other weekend)  – I work a full-time job  – My undergrad was in Engineering  – I’ve historically been a good test-taker, […]

Michela’s Success Story

Thanks to the LSAT Unplugged study plan, Michela increased her LSAT score from 149 to 163 Michela’s LSAT Diary & Game Plan: I made up a Game Plan sheet and read it before every preptest and before the actual LSAT. I related a lot of my prep to sports, as if I were preparing for […]

Andy’s LSAT Success Story

Andy followed the 4 month study plan, and improved his score from 154 to 169 on a retake Andy’s LSAT Diary: When test day came, I was filled with adrenaline. My thought going in is that I had to have studied harder than some of the test takers today. In the end, I scored a […]

Anthony’s LSAT Success Story

Anthony used the 3-month study plan and improved his LSAT score from 140s to 161 Some types of questions would repeatedly give me difficulty. Parallel reasoning questions were absolute time sinks. I found them nearly impossible to complete correctly and within a reasonable amount of time. The sheer amount of text required to synthesize was […]

Brad’s LSAT Success Story

Brad used the 3 month study plan and scored a 179 By the time I had made the decision to apply to law school, I realized that I had a bit of an uphill battle. My first year in college was horrendous, and had a large impact on my GPA. The following 3.5 years were […]

Brandon’s LSAT Success Story

Brandon followed the LSAT Unplugged study plan and recommended books. He scored a 170 I write this diary entry in retrospect, which means two important things: first, I took the test, and can, with a certain level of objectivity, say what did or didn’t work, and second, I scored in the 97th percentile at a […]

Caleb’s LSAT Success Story

Caleb increased his LSAT score from 161 to 171 on a retake I hate wasps. They are literally the crappiest of all God’s creatures. I have thrown babies and old women out of the way as I run shrieking away from a single wasp. I’m a grown man who has gone skydiving, yet I’m afraid […]

Caroline’s LSAT Success Story

Caroline followed the 5-month study plan, got a 169 and a perfect score on the Logic Games section When I started thinking about the LSAT, I had sort of-maybe decided that I wanted to go to law school last summer after a year of going back and forth between grad school and law school.   […]

Chrissie’s LSAT Success Story

Chrissie used the 3-month study plan, got into 5 out of 5 law schools and received up to 80% scholarship.  The idea of law school popped into my head one night as I sat in an employment law class while pursuing my MBA. Being an HR (human resources) professional, this particular class naturally piqued my […]

Dan’s LSAT Success Story

Dan used the 4-month study plan to increase his LSAT score to 168.  Ah, yes, Canada. A country that chose not a bird of prey as its national animal, but instead a rodent, the beaver. A country that prides itself on its cold winters, ice hockey, and ice cold ‘Canadian’ beer (brought to us by […]