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Below I list all the Logic Games-related blog posts you should read toward the beginning of your prep.

I’ve listed them in the specific order in which you should read them, along with the relevant Logic Games you should complete.

Use my LSAT Cheat Sheet as a quick-reference, and you can use my Logic Games Guide for extra LG guidance and a focus on question-solving strategies.

Also consider doing some sudoku puzzles. They’re a nice break from actual LSAT Logic Games, but they still allow you to practice LSAT-style deductions. This game is good, too.

This is all meant to accompany the initial Logic Games portion of my LSAT study schedules, while giving you more specific guidance on when to read which blog post and when to do each Logic Game.


Starting LSAT Logic Games

The following lists of games are taken from my Logic Games categorization for LSAT PrepTests 52-61. Read the categorization in order to understand what the different categories mean.

Along the lines of what I recommend in my more popular LSAT study schedules, I’m including every game from LSATPrepTests 52-61 (and no others). I’ve presented the games in a rough order of difficulty within each of the categories. All page numbers are from 10 New Actual, Official LSAT PrepTests.

Feel free to complete more games from the Logic Games categorization if you want more practice.

I refer to PrepTests by # rather than date. If your materials refer to them by date, use LSAT PrepTests and Dates Administered to translate dates into #s.

Please note

For any of the free Logic Games on the website, you can also download them as one big free LSAT Logic Games PDF

Relative Ordering/Sequencing (aka Pure Sequencing)

Complete my Free LSAT Logic Game | Pure Sequencing, then read this step-by-step explanation and this other explanation.

Complete the following Pure Sequencing/ Relative Ordering Logic Games, in this order:

  • PrepTest 52, Section 2, Game 1 – p. 16
  • PrepTest 54, Section 3, Game 3 – p. 98
  • PrepTest 55, Section 4, Game 3 – p. 142
  • PrepTest 52, Section 2, Game 4 – p. 19
  • PrepTest 53, Section 2, Game 2 – p. 53
  • PrepTest 61, Section 3, Game 2 – p. 349
  • PrepTest 60, Section 2, Game 2 – p. 305

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